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Mike T. on Yelp
It has been several years since my last dental check up. instead of going through the arduous process of researching and selecting a trustworthy and competent dentist I google searched the first provider recommended to me by my insurance and booked an appointment. it was a positive experience and things could have gone much worse. A summary of my appointment is detailed below:

The first thing i noticed after walking in the door was the odor. It definitely smells like a dentist office in there which was a good sign that i had made it to the right place.

the session started off with xrays of my head and was shortly followed by more xrays in the jaw area. I probably recieved more radiation to the dome in the first 30 minutes of this appointment than i had in my entire life leading up to this point. i had that little vest that allegedly wards off the radiation but one has to wonder if it is helping = when the xray machines are several inches from your brain cavity.

Following the xrays the hygienist took many pictures of the inside of my mouth with a small camera. After the pictures were taken the doctor came and cleaned my teeth with some sort of ultrasonic device. The sensations arising from this device in my mouth were extremely unsettling. i remembered why i haven't been to the dentist in 5+ years. The hygienist returned to clean my teeth with the buzzy minty thing that dentists love. this was not as unconfortable as the ultrasonic tool but several times i was alarmed at the taste of burnt plastic and small whisps of smoke rising from my mouth. it seemed the buzzy thing was not working entirely properly. The final stage of the appointment was a flouride mouthwash. I do not like the idea of high concentration flouride as i have heard flouride exposure calcifies certain glands in the body. and i already brush my teeth with flouride toothpaste everyday. next time i will probably pass on the mouthwash.

All in all i was in there for a whopping 2.5 hours and will be back next week for cavity fillings. the staff here is very friendly and laid back. one time i heard greenday playing on the stereo which i found refreshing. my old dentist only played smooth jazz.

A++ great denstist, friendly staff, would visit again! I noticed a sticker on the TV offering a discount voucher encouraging patients to leave reviews on a certain website. My insurance is strong right now and i have no need for this voucher. Melinda, if you are reading this, i would like to donate my voucher towards the next patient with out of pocket expenses for non cosmetic work, if this offer is still valid.
Shayla D. on Yelp
Finally found a dentist that I enjoy going to! I love the staff at Sunrise. Very friendly and professional! I would recommend this place to anyone that is ready to have a different experience at a dentist office.
Katie M. on Yelp
The people at Sunrise are great! Everyone has been exceedingly friendly and helpful, and they have gone out of their way to check with our insurance companies prior to providing any service to let us know our anticipated costs in advance. Just a heads-up, they do a full panel of X-rays and an exam prior to scheduling your cleaning (because they need to know how in-depth they will have to go with scouring your particular set of choppers), so be prepared to schedule a couple appointments. That being said, they have been very conscious of their patients' time in our experience, and have always taken us on time if not early. Kind, funny, thorough, AND they put this dentist-phobe's fears at ease? Found our new dentist!
Jennifer U. on Yelp
Best dentist I have ever been to, hands down. The hygienist was so great, and the dentist as well, both very gentle and this is by far the easiest cleaning I've ever had. I liked that they showed me all the xrays and talked me through the pictures, and the recommendation was a lot less than I expected. I would highly recommend.
Evon G. on Yelp
I currently go to Sunrise Dental of Seattle and have to say this place is a Great office! I was seen same day For Treatment services and they went over and beyond to accommodate me and my needs . I originally came to this office because a current patient who sees Dr. Thanhha Veredi , she is an Amazing Dentist . She is a Root Canal specialist and is highly educated, she knows her stuff !!!! I received the best care for those of you looking for a great dentist in Dowtown Seattle. She does a great professional job. She is a very gentle and Does not like her patients to wait ...Thank You Doc , I appreciate you , your the Best!!!! EVON
Graeme L. on Yelp
I wanted a checkup, and needed to do it before my insurance lapsed. I initially chose them by location, and because they were in network for my plan. Michael and Tamara Kalhan , co owners of the practice, very competently repaired my neglected choppers. They obviously care about their work , and were very considerate of my comfort while they worked on my mouth. They didn't stint on the local painkillers, (so no pain) worked efficiently and carefully, and paid close attention to the details. They also got it done by insurance deadline time. I'll be going back.
Maureen L. on Yelp
I have found Dr Michael Kalhan to be an excellent dentist. He is highly professional with excellent credentials. He is also friendly, enthusiastic and his practice is state of the art.
Jeff F. on Yelp
I had emergency dental problem. I am from California. I just visited Dr. Jang...she was very professional and walked me though all the process as she was repairing my tooth. I felt very comfortable the whole time. I will definitely recommend her to the the hotel we are staying with.
Ron C. on Yelp
What a fun place, they know how to make a visit to the dentist a fun and exciting one for sure, the way they laugh and enjoy their jobs. I'll be back for sure the young lady at the front desk called me by name the minuet I walked in the door and I have never met her before that was a great feeling. the dentist and her assistant make you feel so welcome and comfortable in the chair, not scary at all.
Liletha W. on Yelp
I Love this place! I'm so anxious when it comes to the dentist but they always make me feel so comfortable and they don't make me feel silly for being so scared I appreciate having a place that I'm not apprehensive about going so I have great dental care love you Sunrise Dental
Marlene R. on Yelp
This dentist practice was recommended to me by one of their patients. I have been with them for years. Their work is good and they understand the need to let the patient know up-front what their out-of-pocket cost is going to be. They have EXCELLENT payment plan arrangements for the out-of-pocket dental costs. The office is easily accessed and if you come early in the morning downtown parking is free in the garage that is located directly underneath the building! The staff is professional, and my interactions with them have never been negative. There is always room left for improvement in almost everything and and I have found that Sunrise Dental listens and appears to value the opinions and questions of their patients. I like this office and their work.
M K. on Yelp
the office has gone through a change in staff and I am very happy with the new girls. I must say the staffing is AAAAmazing friendly and talks to you through out the whole appointment making sure that you are confortable and undrestand what is happening at all times. Dr. Kim is a great doctor he does not rush you out, or make you feel like you cant ask questions. I got some crowns done and they look great as natural looking as one could hope. you want a practice that treats you right this is the place to go. They valet tooooooo!!!
Linn B. on Yelp
Great Staff, always smiling. First visit was as for the worse tooth pain ever. Melinda made it clear she was concerned and worried for me and got me right in. The Doctor and assistant re assured me that I will be fine and talked me through what needed to be done. I am very very happy with the attention they give to their patients. Thank you Sunrise!!
Janaia T. on Yelp
I have been seen in this office for treatment and cleaning, the team is great they are extremely friendly and walk you through anything you may not understand. If your looking for friends in the dental word a group of people that make you laugh this is the place to go. Melinda the office manager gives you her full attention when you call with 1000 and 1 questions. Thank you Seattle Sunrise Dental.
Michael P. on Google
I have had a root canal, a crown, and now dentures. I cannot be happier with Dr. Kalhan. I have been so lucky that I chose Sunrise Dental, and recommend him and his staff very highly. I feel well cared for and am comfortable with the entire staff. This is the place to go!
Richard E. on Google
Friendly, fast and very concerned about your comfort. All my visits here have been great. Well, as great as dentist visits can be!
Baylee S. on Google
This was my first time seeing Dr. Kalhan, which made me very nervous, but after talking to him and his friendly staff I could not be happier with this office. Dr. Kalhan was gentle and his wife, who was assisting, was sweet as can be. I look forward to coming back. Thank you Sunrise!
Dora R. on Google
I had the best experience by Dr.Kalhan and his wife. I had crowns done and they came out perfect. They went above and beyond to get me taken care of!! Thank you so much Drs. Kalhan and Cody for everything!

What People Are Saying

Very professional, competent and friendly team. They accepted my insurance and I had to pay very little out of pocket. I highly recommend them.


The scanning technology he used "iTero" to take an image of how my teeth are is so accurate that the veneers and crowns fit like a glove! He used the same technology to order my invasline which means the accuracy would be perfect and leads to good quality work.


Having my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Mehran Varedi was a very positive experience! He and the nurses were very informative and were checking in on me periodically throughout the procedure to make sure I was okay.


My family and I have been attending this dentist for a couple of years now and I must say that they have excellent service.


We love Dr. Mehran Varedi and their awesome staff, they are always so kind, and they answer all your questions. We moved to the area recently and feel so fortunate we found Dr. Mehran Varedi.


I've been to over 7 different dentists in my lifetime, if not more. This is the best dentist I have ever been to, hands down. You can tell they care about doing quality work and providing the best care instead of a lot of other places that just want to treat you like a customer.


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